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Orphaned Accounts: What Happens if You no Longer Have an Insurance or Investment Advisor?

One of the issues our clients face in our industry is what we call “Orphaned” accounts. These are accounts that were originally set up by an advisor, and that advisor is no longer active on the account. There are many reasons that may happen, but here are some of the most common reasons: 1)   The advisor…
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Are You Fearful of Your Retirement Dream?

So many of us start stressing out when change is coming. Even a change that people have looked forward to for decades, it’s still stressful to change course. Many people come into our office and are stressed about their upcoming retirement. Sometimes that stress is warranted, but often times it’s just the amount of unknown…
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Easy Money Podcast with Don Anders: Episode 19 – How to Start Saving

When you’re just starting out investments can be pretty intimidating and there are millions of ways to begin building your own career with varying levels of difficulty. In this podcast Don gives some pointers on easy and affordable ways to save your money and set yourself up for a healthy financial future.
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How do you define retirement success?

What I’ve learned from working with thousands of retirees is that no two people are alike. That applies not only to your circumstances, but your goals as well. I commonly make references to “The Alaskan Cruise” because it seems like the most sought-after retirement trip for Floridians, but for some people, an Alaskan Cruise is…
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The Comfort Spectrum

Every day, we make financial decisions to give us a level of comfort: air conditioning, vehicles, food, drinks, home improvements, travel – all are to provide some sort of additional comfort. So why should your investments be any different? Many financial professionals and investors purely look at “the best investment” when making recommendations, but sometimes…
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Easy Money Podcast with Don Anders: Episode 18 – The DROP Program

DROP is a very unique option that allows people to keep working for a few years after their retirement and collect their pension while they continue to work. However, most people don’t have this option because they don’t have a pension. This podcast shares how people who have no pension can still get the benefits…
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