Are You Fearful of Your Retirement Dream?

So many of us start stressing out when change is coming. Even a change that people have looked forward to for decades, it’s still stressful to change course. Many people come into our office and are stressed about their upcoming retirement. Sometimes that stress is warranted, but often times it’s just the amount of unknown that they’re facing, not the actual situation at hand.

Clients come in with concerns like:

“What will I do with my time?”

“Will I have enough income?”

“Have I saved enough to last my entire retirement?”

“Have I taken all of the necessary steps to retire?”

For most people, they only retire once. So, these concerns and others are very reasonable. Some concerns like “What will I do with my time?”, will not be answered until you actually experience retirement (although after helping thousands of people retire, most people say they’re busier retired than when they were working).

If your fears are finance related, fortunately with today’s technology you can stop worrying about that. Most financial advisors have software to run income analysis or retirement planning calculations which will show you exactly how much income you’ll have or the probability of your money lasting throughout retirement, and many people we meet with have a 99%-100% probability of getting through retirement without running out of money.

If you’re worried about whether or not you’ve taken the necessary steps, there are many retirement checklists available for you. For our clients, we personally take care of the checklist so you can reduce your stress as you move towards retirement. If you’re not working with us, you can easily find them online, or send us a message and we will send one out to you.

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