Digital Media Coaching Small Group Registration


Digital Media Coaching Small Group Registration (Financial Advisors Only)

This form is to sign up for our year-long Digital Media Coaching Small Group. This group is limited to 10 offices. Entry into the group is not guaranteed based on space and geographic conflicts with others in the group. Each month we will have implementation webinars and guided help weekly from my team. Dates and Monthly Topics: January 7th 3pm EST: (Webinar) Running a Facebook-only Seminar Campaign January 14th: (Call) FB Seminar Campaign check in with Donovan and your marketing team February 4th 3pm EST: (Webinar) Interacting with Clients on Facebook February 18th 3pm EST: (Webinar) Client appreciation event March 4th: (Call) Client Appreciation event check in with Donovan and your marketing team March 25th 3pm EST: (Webinar) Creating/Marketing a webinar April 2: (Call) Webinar check-in with Donovan and your marketing team April 15th 3pm EST: (Webinar)Automating your webinar April 22nd: (Call) Check in on webinar automation and downloading information with Donovan and your marketing team May 13th 3pm EST: (Webinar) LinkedIn Ad Campaign May 27th: (Call) LinkedIn Ad Campaign check in with Donovan and your marketing team June 21st 11am - 5pm CT: (In Person) Midway Point Mastermind Group in Dallas, TX July 1st 3pm EST: (Webinar) Perfecting your Google page July 8th: (Call) Followup call with Donovan and your team on your Google Page July 15th 3pm EST: (Webinar) Buying Key Words on Google July 22nd: (Call) Followup with Donovan August 5th 3pm EST: (Webinar) Running Targeted Youtube Ads August 19th: (Call) Youtube Ad followup with Donovan September 2nd 3pm EST: (Webinar) Establishing/Improving a Podcast September 9th: (Call) Follow up call with Donovan October 7th 3pm EST: (Webinar) Revisiting Facebook Ad Campaigns October 15th: (Call) Follow up with Donovan on current Facebook Campaigns November 4th 3pm EST: (Webinar) Automated Email Campaigns driving to CTA/Webinar December 12th 10am - 5pm: (In Person) End of 2019 Digital Marketing Refresher in Orlando December 13th 9am - 4pm: (In Person) End of year Mastermind with our Small Group

  • Price listed is monthly for 12 months. Limited to 10 offices. What is included: - Monthly live webinars to walk you and your team through the basics of Digital Marketing - Weekly coaching calls with our marketing team and your marketing team to iron out any issues - Branded digital content included - In-Person group masterminds in Dallas and Orlando - 2019 Social Media Refresher in Orlando
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