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Easy Money: Is Your Credit Score Important?

By Don Anders | Feb 12, 2020

I’ve heard people say, “You know what? I don’t care about my credit score. I don’t want to borrow a bunch of money. I don’t want to be indebted to a bank.” Just because you don’t want to borrow a bunch, and just because you don’t want to become indebted to a bank, it doesn’t…

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Easy Money: Put EVERYTHING on Credit Cards! Here’s Why…

By Don Anders | Feb 5, 2020

I know what you’re thinking. Credit cards are those evil things that put us on debt and enslave us, but they actually have their uses and there’s a way that you can “hack” credit cards. What most people overlook are credit cards have reward systems. They want you to put money on credit cards. Obviously…

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Easy Money: How Much are you Paying to Walk Into Your Bank?

By Don Anders | Jan 29, 2020

So as we know, banks are businesses and they need to make a profit. Anything that they offer you is taking away from what they could potentially give you as interest. Banking used to be a way where they said, “Okay, if you would put money with us, we will give you some type of…

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02/04/2020 Retirement Planning Dinner Event: New Smyrna Beach

By Caleb Lang | Jan 24, 2020
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Easy Money: Can Bond Funds(Fixed Income) Lose Money?

By Don Anders | Jan 22, 2020

A lot of advisors and companies will offer bond funds and they call them “fixed income”. You might open your statement and you see that you have 40% equities and 60% fixed income, so you might think your 60% safe. But is that actually the case? Well, not really. Bonds don’t work like equities do,…

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FRS DROP Dinner Event: 02/05/2020 – Winter Park

By Don Anders | Jan 20, 2020
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Easy Money: Don’t Work with a Financial Advisor(Until You Read This)

By Don Anders | Jan 15, 2020

It might sound like I’m bashing financial advisors, I actually am one. But you need to know that the words “financial advisor” are not regulated. Anybody can call themselves financial advisors, and they might not have any licenses, credentials, or backgrounds at all. What I’m going to teach you today is how to find out…

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FRS DROP Dinner Event: 02/04/2020 – Daytona Beach

By Don Anders | Jan 14, 2020
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Easy Money: Why Safe Investments Will Lose Money

By Don Anders | Jan 8, 2020

I work with a lot of conservative investors. A lot of times they’ll come in and they’ll have a lot of money sitting in checking or savings, and believe it or not, even under their mattress. They’ll have cash just sitting there. I ask why, and they always say, “Well, I want my money to…

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Digital Chief Marketing Officer Registration (Financial Advisors Only)

By Don Anders | Jan 3, 2020
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